Deep in the jungle – weekly pic

Posted on 4 July 2011


2 weeks ago I was riding with Nik in the woods of Ham (Belgium) for some new portfolio stuff…


One picture of this shoot, I will use for my weekly picture. I used 2 strobes, 1 SB 800 trough an umbrella and the other was an SB 80DX trough my selfmade beautydish. All this triggered by some PWII.

After 2 black and white pictures of the last weeks… now a color one.


It was just experimenting and to tryout some new things like a combination of an umbrella-flash-pocket-wizard-gorillapod thing. Actually it was easy to mount this gear into any tree. I will use this more often, also in Downhill Cup races. Gorillapods are so light and easy to transport and has lots of other advantages. So you can hear, I’m a fan of this gear.

Left: flash on gorillapod - Right: flash on a tripod

Gorilla pod (all credits to Gavtrain)

Gorilla pod (all credits to Gavtrain)

Too late

It was already “late” at the evening and I hoped that I could use evening-sun in some of my pics but unfortunatly I coudn’t.

The location has lots of mountainbike trails and lots of green flora-stuff (It’s like you’re riding deep in the jungle).

He rides with a Garmin gps… Just for the pic…

Long exposure

Mountainbiking is a sport you can do alone but, nothing beats riding with friends…
Nik and I, biking into the woods of Ham (Belgium) (long exposure 1/30s):

second one:

Sometimes the photographed rider will be photographer and visa versa: (actually I was showing how he had to ride ;o) )

Rider: Me - Photographer: Nik van der Veen

Rider: Nik van der Veen

At the end, we had lots of fun and were almost eaten by ‘pitbull’-mosquitos! I love biking and taking bike-pictures!