Weekly picture (wk23)

Posted on 5 June 2011


I wanna tryout something ‘new’ for my blog. It so hard to post every day / week some new stuff, not that I don’t have but it’s still the problem ‘time’. Writing a blogpost is more than placing some new pictures and writing some stuff about these. First it begins with the idea… What do you gonna write? Is it usefull for the readers? Second, selecting the photo’s who will published in the post. Hard decisions sometimes. After that you can start with writing the blogpost. So it is still a time-consuming part!

That’s why I will start with at least one new picture every week. Maybe 2 but I will start with one!

This weekly picture was made 2 weeks ago at the Nissan Downhill Cup Namur. I love the atmosphere in this  one. 1 rider – 1 nature You can use this also as wallpaper for your macbook (1400x900px – 72dpi)

"Sunny track"

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